I owe my enjoyment of life at age 69 and my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle to the treatments and healing therapy I receive weekly from Giovanna Perpignano.

Her talent, knowledge and experience in the use of Acupuncture to bring remedy to any and all health issues due to age and the “wear and tear” of the body, the mind and the soul are truly special.

Always in tune with the latest information about vitamins, supplements and natural products that facilitate healing without the damage or side effects of pharmaceutical products such as cortisone, antibiotics or other strong medications, I have been helped to heal from torn tendons due to falls, high level of uric acid, frequent colds and sinus infections, overweight and bouts with stress, depression and anxiety….

Though I do take prescription drugs when necessary, if my first intervention when confronted with a health issue is a consultation with her, the restoration of my state of wellness is always faster, not invasive, and most effective.

If it were possible to bottle the healing power of her work as an Acupuncture physician and health and wellness therapist, I would become a millionaire with my investment in the stock of the company that produces it… but, in the meantime, I do feel like a billionaire because of the presence in my life of Giovanna Perpignano.

Celia C. Suarez, Ed.D
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

My husband and I were ready to start a family. We had been trying for several months with no success. My friend had mentioned that she knew acupuncture was supposed to help, and she recommended Giovanna. My friend had been going to Giovanna for years to help with her cramps. So, I thought, what the heck I will give it a try. Giovanna was warm, understanding, and supportive from the moment I met her. She offered her suggestions and advice in a very nonjudgmental way. At my first session, I was scared of the pins, but I have to be honest, my hair waxing hurt a thousand times worse then anything that Giovanna stuck me with! I went home and thought, “there is no way that worked.” An hour later, I can’t explain how to put this into words effectively, but I had the worst double over cramps I had ever had. I was scared, and confused. I called Giovanna and she said that wasn’t so unusual. She explained to me that she was getting things moving. Getting things started. It was as if the fertility of my body had been off, and she turned on the move around stuff switch. The cramps passed within a half hour. From that moment on, I knew it would work. Giovanna treated me for a little less then a year. I have a healthy beautiful baby girl, and great friend in Giovanna. I do believe acupuncture works, and I thank Giovanna for helping me to be a mom! — TRACY